Dues Assistance Programs

If you have been suspended for non-payment of dues and you desire to petition for reinstatement to “Good” standing to restore all your rights and privileges in Masonry and membership with Millburn Lodge, please CLICK HERE, complete the form, and send it back to us. You will need to make an arrangement to fulfill your outstanding dues to the Lodge. Once your dues payment is satisfied and your petition form is received, the petition will be read and balloted at the next Stated Meeting of the Lodge.

Below are the programs that are offered to help you to get back on track when you have fallen behind with your dues payments or have been suspended due to non-payment.

Illinois Masonic Outreach Services Dues Assistance Program

The Dues Assistance Program (DAP) is one of the many assistance programs the Illinois Masonic Outreach Services (IMOS) offers to assist both Members and Lodges in funding a portion of a Member’s dues when demonstrated financial difficulty exists. Upon the favorable vote of the Lodge and approval of IMOS, the DAP program will provide up to 50% of the cost of dues for any member for up to two years per fiscal year.

When you desire to remain active in Millburn Lodge and are experiencing any financial difficulty, please CONTACT US, and we will help you with your membership using this program.

Lifetime Membership

If you elect for Lifetime Membership, please CLICK HERE, complete the form, and send it back to us. Thirty-five years or less of a member of Millburn Lodge will pay a ONE-TIME $1,575 Lifetime Membership Dues PLUS the total number of unpaid dues years per capita ($15) you are in arrears with the Lodge. Members with more than 35 years of membership with Millburn Lodge will pay a one-time reduced lifetime membership dues. Once you become a Lifetime Masonic member of Millburn Lodge, you’ll no longer have to think about annual dues obligations.

Lastly, we can help break down your payment into smaller amounts as long you can commit to paying them off within twelve months.

We stand here to help you in any way we can and in whatever circumstance you are in. So please reach out to us for assistance.